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08 Dec,2018 : Ethical Dilemmas in Disruptive Technologies: Data Analytics, AI and Genetic Engineering
17 Jan,2019 : Expressions of Live, Living and the Self: A Discussion on Many Facets of Indigenous Healing and Ritual Arts
01 Mar,2019 : History and Fiction: a tale of two evolutions
08 Mar,2019 : Introduction to Data Science
29 Mar,2019 : A Stroke of the resonance of Dhvani in Visual Arts
04 Apr,2019 : Why do we have to be conscious about our own Earth?
26 Apr,2019 : Contemplating the Mystery of Our 'selves': Glimpses from Neurological Disorders
10 May,2019 : Myth, Mystery, and Myself: Where does Meaning 'lie'?
24 May,2019 : Introduction to Graphic Design: Design Concepts and Colour Psychology
27 Jun,2019 : From the Sensuous to the Super-Sensuous: An Outline of Abhinavagupta's Aesthetics
29 Jun,2019 : Knowing Others through Knowing Oneself: The Relevance of Mirror Neurons to Mental Health
05 Jul,2019 : Reflection: a sneak peak into the past
23 Jul,2019 : The Idea of a "Witch" in Central India
25 Jul,2019 : Critical Enquiry and Methods in Philosophy
25 Jul,2019 : God in Twenty-first Century
16 Aug,2019 : Turing Test: An imitation game to determine machine intelligence
18 Sep,2019 : The Question of Philosophy, Art and Mathematics in Relation to Models of Formal Thinking
18 Sep,2019 : Between Dionysus and Plato: Is there an aesthetic thinking in ancient Greece?
27 Sep,2019 : Self, Identity, and Healing Practices
22 Oct,2019 : Phenomenological Approach of Qualitative Research
25 Oct,2019 : Consciousness and Causality: Perspectives from integrated information theory, phenomenology, and Kashmir Shaivism
13 Nov,2019 : Emerging Information Technologies: Artificial Intelligence and other technologies
14 Nov,2019 : Emerging Information Technologies: Internet of Things
15 Nov,2019 : Emerging Information Technologies: Collective Intelligence
20 Nov,2019 : The "Fragile" Human Experience and the "Strong" Artificial Intelligence
21 Nov,2019 : Joy of Computing
29 Nov,2019 : Ethical Design: An Artificial Intelligence Imperative
04 Dec,2019 : Career Development: An Interactive Session with Tilak Agarwal
07 Feb,2020 : Can we use history for healing?
26 Jun,2020 : A Mask to UnMask
03 Jul,2020 : Cognitive Behavioral Therapy for “Normal” being
10 Jul,2020 : Lessons learnt from traditional Indian health systems: A case study on Ayurveda
24 Jul,2020 : Are Bonnet Monkeys Conscious? The Search for an Animal Mind
28 Jul,2020 : Kaavyaalaap Vaividhya
04 Aug,2020 : Kaavyaalaap Vaisistya: The Mesmerising World of Persian Poetry
07 Aug,2020 : Phenomenology of Body
13 Aug,2020 : Kaavyaalaap Vaividhya
14 Aug,2020 : Emotion, Cognition and Consciousness: A Continuum in Indian Philosophy and Aesthetics
21 Aug,2020 : On Life-Writing About Illness
28 Aug,2020 : Kalaripayatuu - Its Meaning, Importance and Contemporaneity
31 Aug,2020 : Innovative Entrepreneurship: A Saga of Gratitude
01 Sep,2020 : Kaavyaalaap Vaisistya: The Bard and the Beautiful
04 Sep,2020 : Eco- Aesthetics, Indigenous Culture & Development
11 Sep,2020 : "Decoding the Vahi" - Linguistic Examination of the Genealogical Record-Books in Gujarati
15 Sep,2020 : Kaavyaalaap Vaividhya
18 Sep,2020 : "How Free is Creativity?" - Reflections on Cross-Disciplinary Possibilities Between Neuroscience & Indian Aesthetics
25 Sep,2020 : A Wide-Eyed Man at the Capital of Black Magic (AABHICHARA)
16 Oct,2020 : Food Wisdom in Rituals, Culture & Traditions
20 Oct,2020 : Kaavyaalaap Vaividhya
03 Nov,2020 : Kaavyaalaap Vaisistya
06 Nov,2020 : Awake Brain Surgery
13 Nov,2020 : Reflections on The Inner Journey of a Teacher
20 Nov,2020 : Sustainable Living Design
24 Nov,2020 : Kaavyaalaap Vaividhya
27 Nov,2020 : Interpersonal Abuse & Mental Health - Exploring its Relationship
04 Dec,2020 : Digital Twins Present & Future
08 Dec,2020 : Kaavyaalaap Vaisistya: Saamarasya
11 Dec,2020 : Bhagavad-gītā & Yoga-Sūtra (A Discussion on the Consciousness)
11 Dec,2020 : Bhagavad-gītā & Yoga-Sūtra (A Discussion on the Consciousness)
18 Dec,2020 : Literature as Pedagogy-Insights from Indian Aesthetics
20 Dec,2020 : Kaavyaalaap Vaividhya
23 Dec,2020 : Breathe in Life, Breathe out Music
02 Jan,2021 : Global Issues to Watch in 2021
08 Jan,2021 : Emotions and Morality: Reflections on the moral worth of emotions
12 Jan,2021 : Kaavyaalaap Vaisistya: Reading The Mahiṣaśatakam - Kuṭṭikavi’s Bovine Poetics
15 Jan,2021 : Existential Posthumanism: A Path of Self-Discovery
15 Jan,2021 : Existential Posthumanism: A Path of Self-Discovery
21 Jan,2021 : CPC – A Pioneering e-initiative
27 Jan,2021 : India and its Nationhood-Grassroots nationhood as Conceptual Frames
27 Jan,2021 : Building Communities for Collaboration
28 Jan,2021 : Growing up Gifted: Class, Social Advantaging and Schooling Practices
29 Jan,2021 : How the Establishment controls the institutions, people and Pakistan's destiny
29 Jan,2021 : The State of the Indian Republic
03 Feb,2021 : Hampi as Cultural and Geological Landscape-Technical and Digital Perspectives
08 Feb,2021 : Science & Technology: Global Developments & Perspectives
09 Feb,2021 : Kaavyalaap Vaividhya
10 Feb,2021 : Future of Warfare - Search for New Theory
11 Feb,2021 : Seeing the Elephant: Socioecology and Physiology of the Female Asian Elephant Elephas maximus in an Anthropogenic Landscape in Southern India
12 Feb,2021 : Medical pluralism for future healthcare - A researcher’s perspective
17 Feb,2021 : Geospatial Analytics – Typical Contemporary solutions for Governance
17 Feb,2021 : Perspectives from Latin America and the United Kingdom
19 Feb,2021 : "Why do we think the problem of consciousness is ‘hard’?"
22 Feb,2021 : Security Paradigms in a Polarized World
23 Feb,2021 : Kaavyaalaap Vaisistya: Poetry in Sculpture: Kāvya-śilpa
24 Feb,2021 : Methods in Military Geosciences: Application for investigating Eluru outbreak
26 Feb,2021 : "Somewhere between ‘Archaic’ and ‘Modern’: Discussing Recent Advancements in Human Origins"
28 Feb,2021 : Frontiers in Science Technology and Application
01 Mar,2021 : Seminar: Climate Change and Energy Options
03 Mar,2021 : Comprehensive Maritime Security in IOR: Role of IFC-IOR
10 Mar,2021 : The Buddhist Art of Kanaganahalli, with an Emphasis on Elephant Sculptures
15 Mar,2021 : National Programme for Training of Scientists and Technologists Working in Government Sector (Women Component)
16 Mar,2021 : Let us Discuss RiskComm
16 Mar,2021 : Kaavyaalaap Vaividhya
16 Mar,2021 : Kaavyaalaap Vaividhya
17 Mar,2021 : Poverty and deprivation in India
22 Mar,2021 : A Study on the Metaphysics of Conscious Experience
24 Mar,2021 : The Clock is Ticking: It’s Time to END TB
31 Mar,2021 : Creatures Boundless within a Boundary
07 Apr,2021 : Are Collaborations in Social Sciences more difficult than in Natural Sciences?
17 Apr,2021 : Online Workshop on Smart Cities in Karnataka
22 Apr,2021 : Development policy as a social process: Case study of Niranthara Jyothy in Karnataka
23 Apr,2021 : Human-Animal Interactions during the Harappan Period at Kanmer
27 Apr,2021 : Kaavyaalaap Vaisistya: The Vachika Abhinaya in Bharatanatyam
28 Apr,2021 : Indian Terrestrial Carbon Cycle: Challenges and Recent Results
03 May,2021 : Understanding the Implications of Local Conflicts on Bilateral Relations: Cases of the Land Boundary and Enclave Conflicts on India-Bangladesh Relations
04 May,2021 : Youth mobility webinar series
05 May,2021 : The Supply-Need Gap in India's Vaccination Program
07 May,2021 : Novel drug delivery systems for herbal isolates
12 May,2021 : Migration, food security and development
19 May,2021 : Periodicity of redshift and new challenge to Big Bang
26 May,2021 : Canine ecologies under contagion pressures: Altered human-dog relations in pandemic-struck India
29 May,2021 : Technologies used during Low Intensity Conflicts
04 Jun,2021 : Algorithmic Thinking in Indic Tradition
09 Jun,2021 : Emerging World Order: Between Status Quo, Transition and Transformation
16 Jun,2021 : Knowledge, Attitudes and Practice: The Development of Effective and Sustainable Management Strategies for Drinking Water in the  Kuttanad Region of Kerala
30 Jun,2021 : Ek-Hathiya Dewal:  A Unique Rock-Cut Temple in the Kumaon Himalaya
07 Jul,2021 : From Bitcoins to Dogecoins: Everything You Need to Know About Cryptocurrencies
14 Jul,2021 : COVID-19 vaccines From Biology to Public Policy (and Back)
26 Jul,2021 : Urban Greens: Production of Turfgrass Lawns in Bengaluru and their Environmental  Implications
28 Jul,2021 : Mathematics, Computation, Ganita Sastra: A Comparison
04 Aug,2021 : The Matrilineal Minangkabau Muslims of West Sumatra: Reflections from Preliminary Fieldwork in West Sumatra, Indonesia
11 Aug,2021 : Advancing archaeological and geomorphological understanding of the Indian Coast using old cartographic and visual records
11 Aug,2021 : Political economy of intrapersonal inequality
18 Aug,2021 : Breaking the Glass Ceiling: The Aurat March in Pakistan
25 Aug,2021 : Mission 2025: Chinese Quest for Self-Reliance in Semiconductors-Implications for India post-2020
01 Sep,2021 : Atmospheric research - Current activities and new initiatives at NARL
06 Sep,2021 : Advances in Earth System Science and their Societal Benefits
08 Sep,2021 : R&D and National Prosperity
13 Sep,2021 : BRICS Young Scientists Conclave on Affordable Healthcare, Energy Solutions, and Cyber-Physical Systems
15 Sep,2021 : Revisiting great earthquakes in history: the Indian context
22 Sep,2021 : The Real Problem of the Arrow of Time
12 Oct,2021 : Blue Economy, Underwater Domain Awareness (UDA) and Maritime Security Challenges for India
20 Oct,2021 : Shades of Green Energy Options, and a Sustainable and Reliable Grid
25 Oct,2021 : Policy for Science and Science for Policies
26 Oct,2021 : Scientific, Technological and Gendered relations: An Ethnographic Study of Women Scientist, Engineers and Factory Workers
27 Oct,2021 : Holistic and Multidisciplinary Education in NEP 2020: Why and How?
17 Nov,2021 : What do winning and victory mean in war?
24 Nov,2021 : Keeping 1.5 deg. C Alive” at COP26, and the Road Ahead for India
29 Nov,2021 : Science and Technology: Global Developments and Perspectives
01 Dec,2021 : Forests & Fires, Humans & Climate: an investigation of complex interrelationships in a tropical dry forest in southern India
08 Dec,2021 : Experimenting with Copper: An Archaeological Approach
15 Dec,2021 : Air Quality: Science, Public Perception and Policy
20 Dec,2021 : Aspirational Labour and Self-Making: A Study of Retail Workers in Delhi Malls
22 Dec,2021 : Climate Change, Economic Backwardness and Migration: A Case Study in the Sundarbans
07 Jan,2022 : The Indian Neighbourhood in 2022
07 Jan,2022 : India and the Neighbourhood
24 Jan,2022 : Monkey on a Hot Tin Roof: Ecological and Behavioural Adaptations of Lion-Tailed Macaques to a Rainforest–Anthropogenic Habitat Matrix in the Western Ghats Mountains of Southern India
02 Mar,2022 : A Long Road to Recovery: Re-opening of Schools and Equitable Education
02 Mar,2022 : A Long Road to Recovery: Re-opening of Schools and Equitable Education
07 Mar,2022 : Science, Technology and Innovation Policy
21 Mar,2022 : Workshop on 3D Landscapes
23 Mar,2022 : Rare Earth Minerals for a Sustainable Energy System
06 Apr,2022 : International Collaborations in Basic Research and Conflicts between Nations
04 May,2022 : IPCC Sixth Assessment Report: An Indian perspective
05 May,2022 : India-France S&T Collaboration: Opportunities and Mechanisms
12 May,2022 : Sixth C V Sundaram Memorial Lecture
17 May,2022 : Mapping the Creative Brain